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A deep culture of respect

Club Respect helps grassroots sports clubs build and maintain a deep culture of respect, safety, fairness and equality; ultimately helping to reduce violence and abuse across our wider society from the ground up. Get this right at club level and people thrive, feel safe, and are able to enjoy the pleasures and opportunities that sport provides.

Whether you’re a coach, committee member, team manager, president, volunteer, parent, supporter or player, Club Respect gives you simple and effective strategies to make a positive impact in and around your sports club.

Transforming a club’s culture is rewarding, well worth the effort. But first, we need to understand that nothing magical occurs here. Every part of a club’s operation has to come under the spotlight. From its mission statement, canteen practice, volunteer policy, to its sanctions in place for breaches of code of conduct.

Tinkering at the edges is no answer. Changing words here and there in some club documents just won’t cut it.

Strong foundations are the key. We’re talking real intent, real purpose, real coverage, real change. Everyone has to be involved in this journey; from canteen volunteer to the president. A respectful culture is the sum of all club parts and people.


To develop a culture of respect clubs must build on each element of the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Game Plan:

1. Alignment of values

Transforming a club’s culture is rewarding, well worth the effort. But first we need to understand that nothing magical occurs here. Every part of a club’s operation has to come under the spotlight.

2. Working well with others

Proper and fair enactment of its own Code of Conduct results in loyalty, regard and true confidence in and around the club.

3. Effective Communication

There are manuals galore about communications theory and how to establish good communications. But wise heads know that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

4. Success judged (the right way!)

Yes, everyone loves a winner, but a ‘win at all costs’ mantra comes at a cost.

5. Ownership

Clubs vary wildly in how well they manage people’s health and well-being. There’s a bit of ‘that’s not my problem’, sometimes. Other times, people simply don’t know how to help.

6. Modelling Respect

A community atmosphere doesn’t just happen, the club must create an environment where players and parents do more around their club than just the matches.

7. Equality and Fairness

Being “fair’ doesn’t come about through hope and intent. People have to do things to ensure it works in practice. Clubs are no exception.

Tackling common issues

No matter how well your club’s travelling, issues will surface. That’s normal. Some may be difficult to handle and take time and energy to properly resolve. That’s normal too. But how does your club deal with issues? Are responses reactionary, inconsistent and unplanned? Or does it have clear processes that reflect the club’s mission, values and Code of Conduct? How does your club tackle bad behaviour and discrimination?

Panel of Expertise

Also, one of the really unique features of Club Respect is their Panel of Expertise.

Club Respect’s Panel of Expertise provides sports clubs with easy access to free, qualified and highly skilled advice. A panel of sport club specialists has been assembled for their deep experience and understanding of the issues within sport clubs and will assist Club Respect in responding to your queries.

There’s a simple process for asking questions on any of these issues you can find here. You can read all responses by the panellists here.


Building on the information from the website, and with support from Spicers, Club Respect now delivers workshops for sports organisations and local government councils around Australia, targeting sports club administrators, such as club committee members, administrators, leaders and coaches.

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