Everyone connected to the club needs to commit to creating and maintaining a deep culture of respect, through ongoing positive action.

Reminders as to why the commitment that we made is so important, serve us well in keeping going with it.


Communicating a club-wide commitment

  • Club Respect Pledge

    A pledge is a simple and powerful tool that binds each person to the club, and one another.

    Everyone connected to the club gets to make the pledge, no matter who they are or what they do around the club.  


  • Club Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix

    A matrix helps you to identify, communicate and maintain the positive behaviours that are expected in specific areas of your club. 


  • Storyboard

    A storyboard expresses members ideas about the club’s direction; the journey so far and the future that lay ahead. 

    It’s a way to visualise your story.

    As such, it needs to align with your core mission and club values, and revolve around the pledge.

    Make sure that creating and adding to the storyboard is an ongoing, collaborative thing.

    Encourage everyone connected to the club to contribute to it, if they wish to.

  • Annual Club Event

    Hold at least one event (at the start of season) to:

    • Create a sense of belonging
    • Reinforce the expectations that the club has around a respectful culture and behaviours
    • Acknowledge the valuable roles played by everyone at the club
    • Reflect upon the experiences of success across the club in building that positive culture.