When we talk about a club’s ‘mission’ we’re talking about capturing the very essence of your club – its purpose, driving values and aspirations.

A Mission Statement is meaningless if it is a hollow collection of nice words and phrases.

A clear, strong mission statement is a powerful guiding force – especially when it is put into practice.

A club aspiring to be a place of deep respect, safety and fairness has to make sure this is captured clearly and persuasively in its Mission Statement.

Everyone in your club needs to know and understand the club’s values, ambition and common purpose if they’re going to put these values into practice.

A Club Respect Mission Statement is:

  • explicit in its references to fairness, respect, equality and safety
  • short, relevant, inspiring and motivating
  • crafted and agreed upon by all members
  • visible to all at any time
  • practiced by everyone, every day.
  • regularly referred to, reviewed and up-dated.

A missed-opportunity Mission Statement is:

  • one that remains silent on respect, fairness and safety
  • passive, hollow and generalised
  • made for the sake of having one
  • not visible to everyone
  • not seen as the central business to the club, rarely mentioned or referred to.