Your values are the ideas and behaviours that you want to live your life by.

They are not luxury touches only for the good times.

Your Mission Statement reflects your club’s values. If you’re intent on building a club which is respectful, safe, fair, fun and successful,  spell these out as key values, then focus on translating them into everyday actions around the club.

They’re not something just to be listed, but lived and practiced everyday.

When a club momentarily loses its way, it’s the clarity of the club’s values that help bring it back on course.


Identifying Your Club’s Values

Establishing your club’s values is your opportunity to elaborate on the club’s Mission.

Listing heaps of values won’t help. It’s about getting to the heart of your practice.

If you haven’t already, check out your club’s Mission Statement and see what values are listed or inferred.

Are these the best reflection of what your club stands for?

If not, it’s time to meet with the committee to review the club values.