There are so many achievements for clubs to celebrate that extend beyond simply winning the game.

Do an audit of all the activities in the club that could be celebrated, and how they could be celebrated.

Awards are always a great place to start.

Once you know what areas of success your club wants to recognise, develop simple criteria for selecting the winner(s).

Make sure you also decide on a fair, democratic system for choosing winners.

Below is a list to help you get the ball rolling.

They might be weekly, monthly, annually – whatever your club can manage. 

Just keep in mind that consistency is key.

Our List of Club Respect Club Awards

  • General
    • Volunteer contributions to the club, such as; Volunteer of the Week
    • Volunteer of the Year, Junior Volunteer, Awesome Volunteer
    • Efforts made by individuals to enhance the respectful culture of your club
    • On-field Respect Awards
    • Club-wide Achievement Awards – 10 years of service etc
    • Coaches awards to players – Most Improved, Best Team Player
    • Awards for team achievement
    • Award for Awesome Coaching
    • Award for Awesome Supporter
    • Award for Awesome Parent
    • Award for Awesome Team Manager
    • Community Spirit Award
  • Weekly awards
    • Weekly Respect Award – Player
    • Weekly Respect Award – Coach
    • Weekly Respect Award – Volunteer/Supporter
    • Weekly Club Contribution Award
    • Greatest contribution to team (Player)
    • Greatest effort  (Team)
    • Success of the week
  • Annual awards
    • Club Person of Year
    • Volunteer of the Year
    • Club Spirit Award