Every club has a set of values listed around the club or on its website.

Unfortunately, there is a great discrepancy between clubs as to how they action their values.

It is not uncommon to discover that the members of some clubs are completely unaware of their club values . In other clubs they may know of them, but fail to enact them.

The hallmark of clubs with a recognisable culture of respect, is their capacity to put their values into action, and explicitly demonstrate the actions that align with their values.

People with key roles, model the values in their work around the club. 

For example, coaches demonstrate the club values through their collaborative interactions with parents and players, and players engage in positive on and off-field behaviours that also reflect club values.

What clubs need is a process to assist them to recognise and enact their values.

We’ve developed the Club Respect Positive Behaviour Matrix as a tool that can help you get underway.