Team selection is a complex task. There are always difficult decisions to be made and invariably people miss out.

Clubs who document, and consistently implement, a process for team selection minimise the impact on their players.

These clubs know that players will be more likely to accept omission from teams if the process is fair, based on merit and communicated effectively.

Players feel anger and resentment if the selection process is not transparent.


Club Respect Tips 

  • The club committee should create a fair team selection process that applies to all.
  • This team selection process needs to be made available to all people at the club at the beginning of the season.
  • Coaches must agree to use the process and agree to be held accountable to it.
  • There should be a process for people to report their concerns if they believe the selection of teams is not in line with the guidelines.
  • Communication is key. Coaches should be expected to speak to players prior to the announcement of teams if they are to be omitted.
  • Coach feedback should include the areas the player needs to develop to be considered for inclusion in the team.
  • Develop a clear process for teams playing in finals.

It is very common for clubs to get this wrong; often selecting the clearly injured star over the player who has contributed consistently all year.

Likewise clubs often play individuals in secondary finals because they have ‘qualified’ to play; omitting the player who has committed to the team all year.