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When you take on the role of a sports coach, you are taking on a powerful leadership role.
You can choose how this power will impact people – for good or for bad.

The yelling, fist-thumping coach thinks nothing of intimidating or humiliating. It goes with the turf. This coach reckons this is the way to get results. It isn’t. Importantly, this coach is messaging to others that there is nothing wrong with screaming abuse at the opposition, referees, their own players, and kids too.

Coaches committed to building a culture of respect do things differently, and they achieve greater success. They set a completely different tone – composed and considerate. They communicate better to everyone in and around the club. They treat people fairly. They are humane and welcoming. They are powerful role models, inspiring others to follow their lead.

People remember these coaches. They make a positive, life-long impact.

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