The Committee Member | Club Respect The Committee Member | Club Respect

When you take on the role of a committee member, you will be helping shape and direct the culture of the club.
You can choose how this power will impact people – for good or for bad.

Club committees do a lot of heavy lifting for the club. You can tell when a club is in poor shape when bad behaviour is commonplace and not dealt with properly by a club committee. Membership falls away. Sponsors and volunteers are hard to attract. Players are not united. Parents leave in droves. These clubs tend to be controlled by domineering ‘know it all’ types who don’t listen, who treat people disrespectfully, and who rely on having a group of cronies around them.

For a club to become a place of respect, safety, fun, fairness and success, committees need to know how to apply the good governance principles and practice which will get them there.

Committee members don’t just make up the numbers. In fact, they are vital to the clubs existence.

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