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As a player, wearing your gear, means you agree to represent yourself and your team in the best possible way.
You can choose how this power will impact people – for good or for bad.

You benefit most when you bring your best self to your sport, on and off the field or court. When you get it wrong, and your club gets it wrong, like not properly sanctioning you when you cross boundaries in cases of abuse or sexual harassment, the club pays a reputational penalty, as do you and the other players around you.

Alternatively, when a club’s striving to be a place of respect, it will expect you, along with other players, to observe values built around respect and fairness. In agreeing to act in this way, you and the club enjoy the fruits of a strong, respectful and successful culture. No doubt, you want to be an awesome player in your club.

There is much joy to be had by winning a game. Doing your bit to improve the club culture will guarantee future wins on and off the field.

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