No matter how well your club’s travelling, issues will surface. That’s normal. 

Some may be really difficult to handle and take a lot of time and energy to properly resolve.

That’s normal too. So long as they’re being properly resolved. 

How does your club deal with issues? Are responses reactionary, inconsistent and unplanned?

Or does it have in place clear processes, reflective of the club’s mission, values and Code of Conduct?


A culture of respect underpins a strong, resilient and safe club, enabling positive change right across the club. 

You’ll see:

  • People working to their, and others, best sides, valuing everyone equally, treating all with regard and sensitivity
  • Zero tolerance for abuse, bullying, drunkenness, and discrimination – all forms of bad behavior
  • Widespread willingness to abide by the club’s values and Code of Conduct, and acceptance of sanctions for breaches
  • A shared understanding that there’s more to a successful club than simply winning at all costs.


Below are tips and advice to assist your club to deal effectively and fairly with the challenging issues that arise in your club.