• The Pushy Parents
    You know them.

    Hallmarks of a pushy parent:

    • They’re loud
    • They want their child on court all game in the position they think is best
    • They insist that the club listens to, and acts on, their concerns only
    • They don’t appreciate ‘team’ at all- they only see ‘my’ child, ‘my’ concerns, ‘my’ preference.
  • The Undermining Parents

    Hallmarks of an undermining parent:

    • Not usually loud, but toxic
    • They whisper or gossip to manipulate situations to get what they want
    • They try to control to their advantage by pitting member against member, parent against parent, parent against coach
    • They want everything to go their way
    • They’re not interested in the bigger picture or the greater club good.
  • The Abusive Parents

    Hallmarks of an abusive parent:

    • Loud, intimidating and potentially frightening
    • These parents use a barrage of abuse to get what they want on and off the field
    • They’re abusive to opposition teams as well as their own club and team members.
    • Their opinion is always greater than others
    • They are too often abusive toward their own children and other family members.