They play for themselves, not the team.

  • They can be arrogant in victory, childish & sullen in defeat.
  • They see nothing wrong with playing outside of the rules.
  • On-field, they’re known to sledge their opposition. Nothing is sacred and anything goes.  
  • Off-field, they can bend or break club rules.  
  • They find it hard to take responsibility for their actions.
  • They give their team and club a bad name.
  • They create a lot of work for others.
  • Their bad behaviour can undo or destroy a club’s positive culture.

If a club doesn’t sanction properly, especially if the player has star status, others are upset. It looks as though there’s one rule for the player behaving badly, and one rule for others.

If you’re concerned with the lack of sanction of players who behave badly, you have to take this up with the committee.

Advice for dealing with this player

  • 1.
    • It’s best not to work alone. Get the support of others who are also dissatisfied with the lack of sanctions for this player/s.
    • Talk constructively with others connected to the club (parents, supporters) to gauge their feelings and perspectives on the way club is handling the situation.
    • Look through the club Code of Conduct to identify the processes that are expected to be taken by the club.
  • 2.

    Together, take your concerns to the club committee. You should be able to speak personally to them, in confidence, or should be able to follow an anonymous club complaint process.

    Club Respect Smart steps will help.