Typecasting someone as too old to do something without any idea of their potential, is ageist discrimination.  

So is assuming that young people are naïve, inexperienced and incapable, without knowing anything about them.


Around your club, you might well see or hear:

  • People saying, “well, what would he know, he’s only a kid,” or “she’s too old to understand.”
  • Younger club people being dismissive of older peoples experience
  • Long-time volunteers being unwelcoming to younger volunteers starting out at the club. 
Judgements like these instantly discount our value and contributions.

Being on the receiving end of these dismissive attitudes, our sense of worth and confidence takes a hit, and it can be hard to bounce back.

If it happens to one person, chances are it will to others, affecting not only one person’s feelings but the entire cohesion of your club. 

Not only do people suffer by being excluded, the club misses opportunities to realise and benefit from, their incredible potential.

It’s a lose-lose.


A club aspiring to become a place of respect, safety and fun, fairness and success has re-framed things.

Lazy assumptions about age, experience and capacity are replaced by a culture that values and embraces the potential of all comers.

Everyone works respectfully with others in and around the club.

Ageism is called out swiftly and dealt with constructively; sanctions are enforced and equally applied to all. 

Club Respect advice

Step 1. Take notice

First, check yourself.

Be prepared to subject your own attitudes, behaviours and language to scrutiny, regarding people younger or older than yourself.

Have you ever thought that a person might be too old to do something or too young to know?


Step 2. Be alert

Be alert to the attitudes, language and behaviours of those around you, such as when a club committee is dismissive of potential new committee members as too young for the role assuming they have no relevant experience.


Step 3: Speak up

It can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to call these things out. This is why people sometimes choose to turn a blind eye and remain uneasily silent.
But age discrimination, in and around your club, with its negative impacts, will continue unless it is called out by you and others.

Club Respect has created SMART steps to help you.