Immediate Prevention & Response


You know as well as we do, that all the pre-season planning in the world can’t completely prevent issues arising.

But planning helps you to be ready to for a swift, safe and effective response when an event occurs. This kind of preparation will also help reduce the amount and severity of issues in the long term.

Nonetheless, we also need strategies for dealing with issues in the moment.

See below for Club Respect advice.

Long Term Prevention


We have all heard “short-term pain, long-term gain”.

When people in clubs decide to create a community where respect underpins every action, they’ll be required to go through some short-term pain.

There may well be a lot of work to do on policy development and implementation, and you can be assured there will be people around the club who are happy to leave things as they are. None of us really like change.

This work, however, will be well rewarded.

When long term planning is implemented, it sets the foundations for positive cultural change and long term gains.

See below for some Club Respect pre-season strategies to help you in preventing the common issues.