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Sport clubs seeking answers to tough questions

Club Respect’s Panel of Expertise provides sports clubs with easy access to free, qualified and highly skilled advice. A panel of sport club specialists (see below) has been assembled for their deep experience and understanding of the issues within sport clubs and will assist Club Respect in responding to your queries.

Our panellists specialise in the following aspects of club sport:
• Ethical challenges  • Legal  • Financial  • Committees  • Culture  • Policy and Procedures  • Gender equity  • Healthy Masculinities  • Risk management  • Insurance  • Compliance  • Constitution  • Duty of care  • Club Processes  • People  • Volunteers  • Fundraising  • Marketing  • Drug and Alcohol  • Child safe  • Bad behaviour  • Discrimination

The simple process

Step 1 – A sports club asks a question via the online form below.

Step 2 – If a question cannot be adequately responded to or resolved by Club Respect staff, then the question will be forwarded to one of our panel members. The sports club will receive an answer to the question with useful, informative and direct advice, ideally within 1 week, though depending on any complexity it may take a little longer.

Step 3 – All questions and responses will then be published on the Panel of Expertise platform. These will be de-identified and edited before wider public release unless permission to print names of people/clubs is expressly given.

Ask a question

Is there something you’ve noticed in your club that’s stopping it from being safe, kind or fair? Our panel have the answers. It’s a free community resource for you and others and you can be anonymous if it is important to you.

  • My club is open to change. We want to see a difference in our people and a culture that is free of violence and abuse. We believe asking far and wide is the best policy. We, therefore, take on this advice, of Club Respect and the Panel of Expertise, in goodwill and in the full knowledge that the club is ultimately responsible for the outcome of any action taken.
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