Think of the worst meeting that you’ve attended and ask yourself what made it so bad.

You’ll probably come to the conclusion that there was no shared understanding of the behaviour expected of those present.

Even meetings full of people with good intentions can end up being very unsatisfying experiences.

A balanced set of ground rules helps to achieve respectful discussion and productive outcomes.


Establishing Ground Rules

It’s important that:

  • The meeting leader (eg. club President or other chair) establishes some ground rules for the conduct of the meeting, and;
  • That those present indicate their willingness to adhere to the agreed ground rules at the beginning of the meeting.
Adopt these simple and effective Club Respect ground rules:
  • We accept that everyone is entitled to have a say
  • We will make the effort to listen to one another
  • We respect people’s right to their opinions even if we disagree
  • We will try at all times to be constructive
  • We will try to stay on track
  • We will acknowledge and thank each other for contributing during the meeting and afterward.