Club Presidents have a demanding role, with huge impact.

  • Role
    Club Presidents need to:
    • lead and enhance the club at all times
    • together with the committee, oversee the club’s strategic plan and shared vision for the club
    • chair the club committee and manage the key people within the club
    • delegate roles to effective and responsible members
    • monitor actions around the club for consistency with club values
    • liaise with outside agencies
    • deal with media as required.
  • Responsibilities
    Club President’s responsibilities are to:
    • make sure that club decision-making is transparent and democratic
    • model club values to all members
    • listen to the feedback from members
    • ensure honesty in financial decisions and compliance with legal requirements
    • make sure the club enforces the code of conduct
    • represent the club to the larger governing body
    • deal honestly and fairly with members and the general public when issues arise
    • work for the greater good of the club.