Sports clubs simply can’t exist without you.

You bring colour, enthusiasm, excitement and atmosphere to the game. You contribute the much needed funds for club operations.

But there is a lot more to this than paying your dues. You determine the culture.

You know that harm is being done when others around you engage in abuse, shout racist slurs and are menacing.

Kids are there, taking it all in and maybe even thinking that this sort of offensive behaviour is ok. Lots of people will have felt a quiet distress; and the game itself is worse off.

When there’s a mass of supporters who appreciate the benefits of a respectful, safe, fair and inclusive club culture, who easily outnumber abusive and disrespectful people, there’s less room for abusive and violent attitudes, language and behaviours.

Want to be an AWESOME supporter? Here’s the Club Respect way.

Being an AWESOME supporter

  • A. Alignment of values

    Know your club’s values and be prepared to practice them.

  • W. Working well with others
    You’re never on your own.

    You’re visible in the crowd and your behaviour is felt by all those around you. 

  • E. Effective communication
    • Be reasonable, polite and non-abusive.
    • By all means, raise your voice in enthusiastic support, but not in anger.
  • S. Success judged (the right way!)
    Understand and accept your club’s expanded measures of success.
    • Every team has losses. Accept them in good spirit.
    • Celebrate improvements, milestones, single acts of excellence.
  • O. Ownership
    Be self-aware
    • Recognise the impact of your language and behaviours.


    Call out bad behaviour
    • Take responsibility by calling out bad behaviour when it’s safe to do so. If you don’t feel safe, alert others who are in a better position to act, like security or the police.


    See Club Respect’s SMART steps for calling out bad behaviour.

  • M. Modelling respectful behaviour
    Your behaviour influences those around you.

    Make sure your impact is always positive.


  • E. Equality and fairness
    Applaud good play on both sides.
    • Keep a sense of fairness, perspective and good humour. Show respect for referees at all times.
    • Help your club set the tone in other ways such as supporting the clubs zero tolerance rule on abusive attitudes and violent behaviours.