Club Respect tips for the Player

  • A. Alignment of values

    Consciously lay claim to your club’s values as your personal ethos.

    Wear them proudly and demonstrate them through your actions on and off the field.

  • W. Working well with others

    Whether they’re playing with you or against you, setting up, running or supporting the game…

    • Respect their time and help them enjoy the game as well.
    • Play to other people’s strengths, encouraging them to be their best selves.
  • E. Effective communication

    We’re empowered to thrive when people communicate with us directly and honestly.

    We might not always want to hear it, but why fight to stay the same instead of grow?

    • Be open to constructive criticism as much as praise.
    • Empathise with where people are coming from.
    • Listen closely to people when they’re talking instead of waiting for your turn to speak.
    • Be above sledging.
    • Practice articulating your expectations of your peers, with your peers;
    • Talk to them about times you saw something wrong happen, but didn’t do anything about it.
    • Talk to each other about what happened, why you thought it was wrong, why you didn’t do anything, and what you think could have helped you to act.
  • S. Success judged (the right way!)

    Accept, and be comfortable with, your club’s expanded definition of success beyond winning at all costs.

    Be gracious in victory and defeat.

  • O. Ownership

    You’re in the spotlight for the way you uphold the club’s values on and off the field.

    The club’s Code of Conduct is your bible.

    • If you do the wrong thing, be prepared to face the music. No excuses. 
    • Call out bad behavior.
    • Accept the need to play a constructive part around the club. Leave the place in better nick than you found it. 
  • M. Modelling respectful behaviour

    Again, you’re in the spotlight.

    Younger players are looking to you; show them fairness, compassion, honesty, and good sportsmanship, on and off the field.

    It’s a powerful choice. 

  • E. Equality and fairness
    • Respect your player peers, opposition, and personnel on both sides
    • Respect and accept the referee’s decisions
    • Call out inequality
    • Embrace people coming in from different backgrounds and cultures. You’ll learn a lot from each other.