Club Respect tips for the Supporter

  • A. Alignment of values

    Know your club’s values and be prepared to practice them.

  • W. Working well with others

    You’re never on your own.

    You’re visible in the crowd and your behaviour is felt by all those around you. 

  • E. Effective communication
    • Be reasonable, polite and non-abusive.
    • By all means, raise your voice in enthusiastic support, but not in anger.
  • S. Success judged (the right way!)

    Understand and accept your club’s expanded measures of success.

    • Every team has losses. Accept them in good spirit.
    • Celebrate improvements, milestones, single acts of excellence.
  • O. Ownership
    • Be self-aware
    • Recognise the impact of your language and behaviours.
    • Call out bad behaviour
    • Take responsibility by calling out bad behaviour when it’s safe to do so. If you don’t feel safe, alert others who are in a better position to act, like security or the police.
    • See Club Respect’s SMART steps for calling out bad behaviour.
  • M. Modelling respectful behaviour

    Your behaviour influences those around you.

    Make sure your impact is always positive.


  • E. Equality and fairness

    Applaud good play on both sides.

    • Keep a sense of fairness, perspective and good humour. Show respect for referees at all times.
    • Help your club set the tone in other ways such as supporting the clubs zero tolerance rule on abusive attitudes and violent behaviours.