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Who is Club Respect powered by?

Club Respect is a national harm-prevention initiative by the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls, of which the Victorian Women’s Trust is Trustee.

What’s the Club Respect formula?

Genuine and deep respect is key to every healthy and strong relationship. Respect for the other, even when there’s a difference.

Attitudes, behaviour and language modelled in clubs ripple out to the rest of society. When these behaviours tip towards the abusive end of the scale, clubs need to act before they become commonplace and deep-seated.

Knowing how to best deal with the situation can be difficult — that’s where Club Respect comes in. Club Respect shows you how to bring about, and maintain, a club culture that leaves no room for bullying, sexism, racism, abuse or violence.

Imagine a community full of clubs that value respect, safety, fairness and equality; reducing violence and abuse across our wider society from the ground up. This is the point, and power, of Club Respect.