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Smart Plays is Club Respect’s new podcast that shines a light on uncomfortable topics in Australian sport and aims to rebuild respect as the base platform for interaction between fans, parents, coaches, players and officials.

Join Club Respect Manager, Tarik Bayrakli, on a journey to bring sport into the modern world of respect and to rebuild the respect for each other that we need to have if sport is going to thrive.

Smart Plays has been made possible thanks to the support of donors. Special thanks to the Wood Foundation and Spicers Australia.

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Production team 

Host & Executive Producer: Tarik Bayrakli 
Executive Producer: Mary Crooks AO
Creative Producer: Patrick Skene
Editor/Mixer: Pariya Taherzadeh
Graphic design: Ally Oliver-Perham

With thanks to the entire team at the Victorian Women’s Trust.

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1. Key Takeaways (and transcript)

01: Sideline abuse and the parent-coach connection

In this episode, we chat with Julia Walsh about the challenges for parents and coaches that often leads to sideline abuse and how clubs can invest in the coach-and-parent experience.

1. Key Takeaways

2. Transcript

02: Female footy umpiring crisis

In this episode, we chat with Victoria Rawlings and Damian Anderson about their breakthrough report on the female footy umpire crisis and the improvement and conditions of respect for female umpires in Aussie rules football.

1. Key Takeaways

2. Transcript

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