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Your club’s guide for building a culture of respect

Club Respect is a national harm-prevention program that delivers strong practical guidance for sports clubs to build and maintain a deep culture of respect. Our workshops focus on how to build a culture of respect, determining values, knowing the right actions to take and how to deal with issues.

Thanks to critical initial funding from The William Buckland Foundation and the Edward Wilson Trust, we were able to build our Club Respect website that holds all our knowledge, showing how to develop a culture of respect within your clubs. The website is free and accessible for everyone in sports clubs and community groups.

Building on the information from the website, Club Respect now delivers workshops for individual sports clubs, sports organisations and local government councils around Australia, targeting club committee members, administrators and leaders.

  • Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Participants: Club committee members and administrators
  • Facilitator: Tarik Bayrakli, Manager – Club Respect
  • Participants: Up to14 people.
  • Format: Workshops are delivered for either 1) an entire club committee or 2) Representatives from multiple-clubs (usually hosted by local governments, sport associations or leagues)
  • Content: Participants will be guided through the “A.W.E.S.O.M.E.” elements of the Club Respect Framework. Known as “The Game Plan”, the framework incorporates a self-rating tool at the end of each section, making it easier for clubs to audit their club culture and identify areas for improvement.
  • Materials: A 24-Page Practical Guide with Action Plan attached will be provided at the workshop. No other materials are required.

Meet the facilitator

Tarik Bayrakli is the dedicated Manager of Club Respect, an initiative focused on fostering a culture of respect in sports. His experience with community programs and his passion for inclusivity have been central to Club Respect’s development. Tarik believes in the power of sport to unite people and is committed to making it a safe and fair space for everyone. His work involves engaging with all levels of the sporting community to ensure that respect is at the heart of every game.

Through initiatives like the ‘Smart Plays’ podcast, Tarik actively engages in dialogue to bring sport into the modern world of respect, advocating for the respect we need to have if sport is to thrive. His work is characterised by a focus on right actions, support, and the empowerment of every individual connected to the club, from volunteers to team managers and players.

Tarik’s vision for Club Respect is clear: to create a sporting culture where respect is the game plan, and every player, coach, and official can step onto the field with confidence and dignity. His efforts are not just about changing the game; they’re about changing lives through the power of sport.

Feedback and Testimonials

“Having real examples to implement. Knowing the difference between values and code of conduct.”

“Discussion re. using code of conduct to change behaviour.”

“Finding out how we as a club can take the steps to be a club known as a respectable club.”

“The importance of the framework and how to engage with members around it.”

“Resources. Discussions from other participants.”

“A useable framework that would be able to be implemented. Lots of ideas on how we can improve.”

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