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Club Respect helps sports clubs build and maintain a deep culture of respect.

Respect is the best defence against abuse, violent attitudes and behaviours.

Get this right at club level and people thrive, feel safe, and are able to enjoy the pleasures and opportunities that sport provides.

Whether you’re a coach, committee member, team manager, president, volunteer, parent, supporter or player, Club Respect gives you simple and effective strategies to make a positive impact in and around your club.

When people are empowered to positively influence those around them, they become change makers in their clubs and in the wider community.

This is a winning formula.
Pass it on!

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Club Respect has a circle for its logo, but not simply because of an immediate sports connection. In acknowledging our First Nations’ Peoples, Club Respect appreciates that the circle has been a powerful Indigenous symbol for thousands of years and represents the wisdom of people coming together in peaceful exchange.