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Key takeaways: Smart Plays Ep. 6

When ethnic clubs, or clubs that are very culturally prominent, are used as a destination club for different ethnic communities and they welcome people, I think that’s when they’re at their best.

Key takeaways: Smart Plays Ep. 5

It's more than that, it's deeper than that. We need to actually be addressing it as it's happening. It's just getting people to just recognise that the behaviour is not appropriate and that you wouldn't conduct yourself that way in a bank or in a supermarket.

Key takeaways: Smart Plays Ep. 4

We are arguing morality a lot of the time, and so when that's the case, it becomes really positional and tribal and that can, as we're seeing very quickly, becomes me against you at all costs.

Key takeaways: Smart Plays Ep. 3

There's a risk that we can distance ourselves from that and say, "Well, that's not my sport. that wasn't my experience, I'm not an elite athlete". You know, there's a distancing that can happen and the purpose of this study was to really raise awareness on those broader contexts. We didn't want to single out a sport because it's not a one-sport issue.

Key takeaways: Smart Plays Ep. 2

In this episode we chat with Victoria Rawlings and Damian Anderson about their breakthrough report on the female footy umpire crisis and the improvement and conditions of respect for female umpires in Aussie rules football.

Key takeaways: Smart Plays Ep. 1

In this episode we chat with Julia Walsh about the challenges for parents and coaches that often leads to sideline abuse and how clubs can invest in the coach-and-parent experience.

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You can’t solve it if you can’t talk about it. And that's why Club Respect exists – to rebuild the respect for each other, that we need to have, if sport is going to thrive. And you’ll be hearing all about it through Smart Plays, Club Respect’s new podcast where we bring it out of the darkness and shine a light on the hot topics that nobody wants to talk about.