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How can your club benefit?

  • Your club environment becomes inclusive, welcoming, safe, fair and respectful.
  • You come to understand how different roles at the club, including yours, all hold the potential to shape a strong and positive culture.
  • You can access a suite of practical, helpful, ideas tools and strategies for getting there.
  • You make the most constructive use of your precious volunteer time and, better still, you keep your sanity!

What can Club Respect give you? 

Club Respect knows that you and many others have an intuitive sense of what goes into creating respectful, safe and fair club environments. Transforming a club takes ideas, energy, and much time and effort.

Club Respect resources help you on this journey in an efficient and effective way, with tools that are:

  • Well researched and to the point
  • Backed up by short, sharp and helpful videos
  • Linked to a wide variety of existing resources and ideas
  • Easy to understand…simple to use

What are Club Respect’s programs and initiatives?

Club Respect is an innovative digital platform designed for sports clubs of all shapes and sizes to embed a culture of respect in all their practices. This year we will be focusing on the following initiatives:

Club Respect Framework

Our digital platform holds all our tips and guidance on how to transform clubs, set the standards and tackle common issues. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Club Respect’s podcast, Smart Plays, will bring urgent issues at clubs out of the darkness and shine a light on the hot topics that nobody wants to talk about.


Workshops for sports clubs utilising the Club Respect framework

News and Views

Our CR Journal and Vox Pops focus on current issues that affect sports clubs and help to overcome challenges.