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Club Respect was co-founded by Mary Crooks AO and Paul Zappa from their joint work of the program Be The Hero. Our team from the Victorian Women’s Trust:

The development of Club Respect has been strengthened by the support and insight of our Critical Friends:

Brian Phelan, Jonathan Horn, Kat Poulton, Laura Douglas, Libby Mears, Margot Foster AM, Peter Kelly, Peter Robinson, Shawn Wilkey, Ted Hopkins and Tarik Bayrakli

Dr Julia Walsh, Senior Lecturer in Sport Coaching at Deakin University has played an invaluable role in providing significant mentoring advice and continues to contribute greatly to Club Respect.

We also acknowledge Anthea Rutter, Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Program Evaluation at the University of Melbourne, for her evaluative work on Club Respect. 

Staff and volunteers of the Victorian Women’s Trust have also played valuable roles in bringing the Club Respect initiative into reality: Sophie Bliss, Grace Mountford, Ally Oliver-Perham, Maria Chetcuti, Esther Davies Brown and Casimira Melican.