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Club Respect thanks those who have come on board as partner organisations, helping us to now take the project out across Australia. Building respectful cultures requires shared commitment. Special thanks to:

We look forward to others joining us as Club Respect is taken up around the country; and seen to be realising its vision as an important step in reducing violence across our community.

Foundation funders

We thank all of our donors to the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls and the Victorian Women’s Trust who give so generously, year in and out, on a regular basis, to support our work and enable us to contemplate initiatives, such as Club Respect.

In addition, we simply could not have been able to develop this initiative without the critical funding support of The William Buckland Foundation and the Edward Wilson Trust.

In this regard, we also thank Natalie Elliot (formerly Equity Trustees) and Julie Reilly (Australian Women Donors Network) for their support and liaison.