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Club Respect partners with SportWest

Club Respect is thrilled to announce a partnership with SportWest, supporting their Sideline Behaviour initiative with our “A.W.E.S.O.M.E.” framework and resources.

Match officials to unite at the National Officiating Summit

Club Respect is excited to announce that we'll be a Community Partner for the National Officiating Summit, to be held in Melbourne from 17-19 November 2023. Match officials have a power that isn’t often recognised. Coming together across codes to promote positive relationships with players and spectators can supercharge the prevention work already being done.

5 ways to build LGBTQIA+ inclusion in clubs

These steps are about building a culture that respects everyone, including LGBTQIA+ people. A club's focus on inclusion will benefit with celebration and pride. 

Sports Clubs celebrating NAIDOC Week 2022

NAIDOC Week events are being held across the country to celebrate and recognise the history and are a great way for clubs to show their support and commitment. To celebrate NAIDOC Week with a local club, we’ve compiled a list of clubs celebrating across the country:

The Facts: Sex Discrimination Act and transgender women’s inclusion in sport

When Allies falter communities notice. We can all agree that kindness is cool and inclusion matters, but every now and then political issues come up and allies feel torn, particularly when rights appear to be in conflict. Transgender women’s inclusion in sport continues to be one issue allies struggle with and allies have struggled this week.

12 of the best ‘Respect Moments’ from the Paralympics

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics continued the honourable spirit of the Olympics providing great moments of inspiration and the athletes, guides, coaches, officials, media and volunteers all lived and breathed the International Paralympic Committee values of Courage, Determination, Inspiration and…

12 of the Best from the ‘Respect’ Olympics

Here are 12 examples of the Olympic Spirit in which respect was shown and the world brought closer through the power of sport. #StrongerTogether

Respect Trumps Harmony: Lessons for Sport

Putting on a front that says: “We’re a big happy family and side by side we stick together” and all of that pressure to get along hides and creates a reluctance to confront mental health issues at an individual level and confront real problems at an organisational level.

Steps towards reconciliation in community sport clubs

Include a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) plan in the strategic planning for your club committee. This can ensure your club is acknowledging the broader role it plays in embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait, and have a sound framework to achieve goals around reconciliation and inclusion.

Parents, can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

A better understanding of parent’s experiences can lead to creating more effective interventions that can improve the experience for everyone.