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Club Respect partners with SportWest

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Club Respect is thrilled to announce a partnership with SportWest, supporting their Sideline Behaviour initiative with our “A.W.E.S.O.M.E.” framework and resources.

The partnership provides sport-tailored resources to assist the sporting industry in Western Australia to build and maintain a deep culture of respect and provide tools to encourage behavioural change on the sidelines.

SportWest, the peak industry body for sport in Western Australia, launched a new True Sport initiative addressing poor sideline behaviour in sport. SportWest has partnered with Club Respect to establish the True Sport Sideline Behaviour Initiative to help local sporting clubs build and maintain a culture of respect.

The campaign “There’s no place for poor sideline behaviour. Let Us Play” seeks to increase public awareness of the impact of poor sideline behaviour in sporting environments and encourage respectful sporting environments.

SportWest have engaged with several WA State Sporting Associations who have experienced a challenging winter competition season with incidents of poor sideline behaviour.

SportWest CEO, Matt Fulton is delighted to partner with Club Respect and support sports to advocate for behavioural change:

“Club Respect have been leaders in assisting clubs and sporting organisations to build and maintain a culture of respect and aligns perfectly with key initiatives of True Sport. True Sport is being your best. It’s about providing a safe, respectful and enjoyable environment for all to participate in any sport at any level. Respect underpins the culture of clubs – respect for umpires, coaches, the opposition and fellow teammates. Supporters have an important role to play in modelling respect, applauding good play on both sides and calling out poor behaviour of others.”

Tarik Bayrakli, Club Respect Manager is thrilled to collaborate with SportWest:

“Club Respect is delighted to partner with SportWest and True Sport on their sideline behaviour initiative. Club Respect and SportWest are deeply committed to fostering cultures of respect and inclusivity within sports clubs, making this collaboration a natural fit. The partnership is also a significant opportunity to raise awareness of Club Respect’s important resources within Western Australia and on a broader scale, empowering more clubs across the country and beyond to promote respect in sport.”

To access True Sport Sideline Behaviour resources, campaign toolkits, social media graphics and the video campaign, visit:

SportWest | True Sport Sideline Behaviour initiative: Promotional video:

A powerful video that captures the phenomena of poor sideline behaviour in sports. The team at SportWest have nailed it by laying bare the impact on those forced to endure it. Check it out with volume up 🔊 for full effect.


Want to know more about Club Respect resources?

Critical early funding support from The William Buckland Foundation and the Edward Wilson Trust enabled the Victorian Women’s Trust’s harm prevention entity (The Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls) to develop the Club Respect initiative and to create the Club Respect A.W.E.S.O.M.E. framework.

The framework encompasses the seven elements necessary for clubs to develop as places of respect and can be helpful in many roles around the club, including the President, Committee Member, Coach, Team Manager, Parent, Supporter, Volunteer and Player.

A Critical Friends Group, composed of sports club leaders at all levels, came together two years before the Club Respect launch. Their collective efforts scrutinised, enhanced, provided guidance, and moulded the resources to ensure their relevance to sports clubs.

To date, Club Respect’s AWESOME framework has been delivered as a workshop to more than 70 clubs representing various sports codes.

Check out Club Respect resources: A.W.E.S.O.M.E. framework >

Expressions of Interest:

For more information on how Club Respect can assist with your club/association/league/peak-body respect campaigns please contact Tarik Bayrakli (Manager, Club Respect) at [email protected]