Can 2020 teach us anything about sport?

2020 has challenged us in pretty much every way possible. Sporting clubs at all levels and pay grades have most definitely not been immune to this. But now, as the year rushes to its end, it’s worth looking back at everything that has happened and seeing what we can actually learn.

Finding the Courage to Change

Kindness must exist in sport because sporting clubs are at the heart and soul of Australian communities. Sport has the ability to provide the perfectplatform to facilitate cultural change and our leaders at the forefront needto lead by example.

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – Ferntree Gully Bowling Club

Bowls brings together a diverse range of members from the community. The camaraderie at the club fosters inclusiveness in a safe and fun place.

How do we manage a team with a disruptive kid?

This response relates only to the question and should not be extrapolated. There is never one situation that is identical to another and sometimes even the smallest detail matters. Question:  Ahmet, a junior soccer coach, from a…

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – Preston Cricket Club

We now have more helpers than at any time in our recent history, our membership is growing and the community are supporting our initiatives and programs.

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – Western Districts Youth Club

This allows our community to set their own version of “winning” that is relevant to them, be it at a competitive event or one of our youngest members jumping with 2 feet off a box for the first time ever.

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – FitLife Martial Arts

We encourage authentic and transformational leadership to support our members in their journey to achieve their goals.

Dealing with complaints and discipline matters

One of the biggest challenges clubs face in dealing with either of these matters is that everyone usually knows everyone. Then there is the gossip and social media that goes with the territory of people being nosey, taking sides or just weighing in generally because they can.

Protecting your club: New approaches to building sports integrity capability

In the minds of many, doping and match-fixing continue today to be the most concerning areas of sports integrity that threaten Australian sport from grassroots to the elite. Each was considered in-depth in a comprehensive review of Australia’s sports integrity threat environment led by former NSW Supreme Court judge, Justice James Wood AO QC.

Strategies to maintain connection at your club

COVID has been an enormous challenge to the community generally – sport at all levels has not been spared. The flipside of this, however, is that sport and particularly at the community level can play a massive role in leading us out of COVID and back to as normal as possible.