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Squeezing out bad behaviour from the sidelines

A question I've been asking myself recently is: who is ultimately responsible for removing a person who relentlessly abuses from the sidelines week-in, week-out?

Sport at the crossroads: Softball’s culture of umpire respect

However, a significant concern for him is the shortage of high-level umpires, particularly those transitioning from playing to umpiring. “You don't get enough players finishing playing and then coming and umpiring. It's hard to draw them in,” he notes, highlighting a gap that affects the quality and availability of experienced umpires.

Sport at the crossroads: Cricket calling stumps on umpire abuse

Whilst umpiring in cricket at the international level is now a high-tech dance of ball tracking technology and player challenges influencing the outcome of decisions, at grassroots level, umpiring the game has remained essentially the same for centuries, with the captains crucial to maintaining the ‘the spirit of the game’ and a code of conduct governing player behaviour that crosses ‘the line’.

Revolutionising sports uniforms for women & girls

In this episode, we speak with Professor Clare Hanlon, who argues that respect is about giving choices and that women and girls must feel confident and comfortable stepping onto the field of play.

Walking in two worlds: First Nations inclusion in sport (Part B)

In this episode, we speak with Jacara Egan about support for First Nations athletes 'walking in two worlds' and the challenge for clubs wanting to create an inclusive environment.

Walking in two worlds: First Nations inclusion in sport (Part A)

In this episode, we speak with Tahlia Taylor-Kickett, a role model and leader for the NT Yapas football team and mentor for elite athletes with the Australian Institute of Sport's Share-A-Yarn initiative.

The scourge of match official abuse

In this episode, we speak with Patrick Skene about the scourge of match official abuse, what sports codes are doing in Australia and the global movements pushing for respect.

Club Respect partners with SportWest

Club Respect is thrilled to announce a partnership with SportWest, supporting their Sideline Behaviour initiative with our “A.W.E.S.O.M.E.” framework and resources.

Changing club culture: Pemulwuy Shield

In this episode, we speak with Daniel Bourke, who was integral in the formation of the Pemulwuy Shield at the Balmain Tigers Australian Football Club and in Sydney AFL's Indigenous Round.

Sport at the crossroads: Basketball’s battle against referee abuse

This is Part 6 of our ‘Sport at the crossroads’ series, exploring the way different sports codes and associations are tackling the abuse of officials. Part 1: Football (Soccer) Part 2: Rugby League Part…