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Club Respect delivering workshops around Australia

For clubs wanting to draw ‘a line in the sand’ in their club culture and maintain an environment of respect, we now offer our signature Club Respect workshops. You can join the cohort of sports clubs, associations, leagues and local councils who are making significant cultural changes at their clubs that are creating safe, kind and fair environments.

Country sport values: connect, engage and persevere

Growing up in a small country town, I have always been involved in sports. I’ve found that most people in small towns join clubs because there aren’t many alternative ways to spend their weekends. By joining the club, people also feel connected to the community.

Collingwood’s ‘Do Better’ report: 6 practical take-aways for grassroots sports clubs

Respect is the key. It helps unlock your ability to understand the lived experiences of others around you, to sense and appreciate the pain that comes from being belittled and racially put-down. This has to be genuine effort. Being defensive and combative makes it hard to reach the understandings that matter.

Can 2020 teach us anything about sport?

2020 has challenged us in pretty much every way possible. Sporting clubs at all levels and pay grades have most definitely not been immune to this. But now, as the year rushes to its end, it’s worth looking back at everything that has happened and seeing what we can actually learn.

Finding the Courage to Change

Kindness must exist in sport because sporting clubs are at the heart and soul of Australian communities. Sport has the ability to provide the perfectplatform to facilitate cultural change and our leaders at the forefront needto lead by example.

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – Ferntree Gully Bowling Club

Bowls brings together a diverse range of members from the community. The camaraderie at the club fosters inclusiveness in a safe and fun place.

How do we manage a team with a disruptive kid?

Ahmet, a junior soccer coach, from a club in Melbourne asks “I would like to know what the procedure would be to deal with a difficult child during a session. He's behaviour is causing the other kids within the group to not be satisfied with the session. In certain cases said kids have even left the session in tears due to not enjoying their time at the training“.

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – Preston Cricket Club

We now have more helpers than at any time in our recent history, our membership is growing and the community are supporting our initiatives and programs.

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – Western Districts Youth Club

This allows our community to set their own version of “winning” that is relevant to them, be it at a competitive event or one of our youngest members jumping with 2 feet off a box for the first time ever.

“How do you build team culture at your club?” – FitLife Martial Arts

We encourage authentic and transformational leadership to support our members in their journey to achieve their goals.