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Support the club and challenge the behaviour

We are a small [sports] Association struggling with the behaviour of a small group of members who are part of a club which is aboriginal based. We don’t want this bad behaviour tainting the whole club or being adopted by the younger members of the club.

Club values: how can kids contribute?

For junior players especially, encourage coaches and adults to continuously refer to the club values and consider how to establish formal opportunities to recognise players who are demonstrating the values around the club and on the field.

Club fundraising: what’s unacceptable?

Calling a halt to the fundraising without a whole of club conversation about gender roles, respect, and creating a safe place for everyone would be a missed opportunity to grow a stronger club.

How do we manage a team with a disruptive kid?

Ahmet, a junior soccer coach, from a club in Melbourne asks “I would like to know what the procedure would be to deal with a difficult child during a session. He's behaviour is causing the other kids within the group to not be satisfied with the session. In certain cases said kids have even left the session in tears due to not enjoying their time at the training“.

Strategies to maintain connection at your club

Patrick from a junior soccer club in Sydney asks “Our season has finished up for the year. We're thinking about our players and families who didn’t return during the season and the impact on our coaches and the committee. Pre-season should start in the next few months, what can we do to reconnect and get everyone excited for the next season?“

Retaining players during COVID: What should clubs focus on for the upcoming season?

Ian from a cricket club in Melbourne asks “The club has got a big focus on retaining players from the previous season. With the COVID impact in mind, what do you see as the most important things for committees/coaches to consider for the upcoming season?”

Online practice sessions: How do we overcome the language barrier?

Kristy from an Athletics club in Melbourne asks "Our training sessions are mainly online now. One thing we have noticed is that the video calls make it hard for those athletes where English isn't their best language. What can we do to get their attention and provide additional support?"

How do we motivate players through COVID uncertainty?

Anon from the Sydney suburb of Randwick plays football and asks "The club is finding it difficult to engage with players during COVID, many who have come back to playing recently. Even our really gifted players (Juniors U18s) don't seem as interested in skills development and training. How can we help them through this period of uncertainty?"

Out of bounds: locker room antics or harassment?

Carolyn asks “I think the Richmond Tigers have proven that their workplace is unsafe [referring to a recent locker room groping incident]. What are their responsibilities in regards to the filmed multiple sexual assaults?"

The right amount of club development

Erin plays Aussie Rules footy in the Victorian Central Murray region and asks “What level should our club play in education in members around topics like respectful behaviour, drug and alcohol, mental health, etc? What is an appropriate amount to be expected of members on an annual basis”