How do we manage a team with a disruptive kid?

This response relates only to the question and should not be extrapolated. There is never one situation that is identical to another and sometimes even the smallest detail matters. Question:  Ahmet, a junior soccer coach, from a…

Strategies to maintain connection at your club

COVID has been an enormous challenge to the community generally – sport at all levels has not been spared. The flipside of this, however, is that sport and particularly at the community level can play a massive role in leading us out of COVID and back to as normal as possible.

Retaining players during COVID: What should clubs focus on for the upcoming season?

For these tools to be effective coaches need to be active and provide regular feedback to athletes. When training time is limited these tools are great for setting, recording and keeping track of challenges. As always training should be both fun and challenging, look for ways of creating games, team challenges, special events, and fun activities.

Online practice sessions: How do we overcome the language barrier?

Kristy from an Athletics club in Melbourne asks "Our training sessions are mainly online now. One thing we have noticed is that the video calls make it hard for those athletes where English isn't their best language. What can we do to get their attention and provide additional support?"

How do we motivate players through COVID uncertainty?

Anon from the Sydney suburb of Randwick plays football and asks "The club is finding it difficult to engage with players during COVID, many who have come back to playing recently. Even our really gifted players (Juniors U18s) don't seem as interested in skills development and training. How can we help them through this period of uncertainty?"

Out of bounds: locker room antics or harassment?

Carolyn asks “I think the Richmond Tigers have proven that their workplace is unsafe [referring to a recent locker room groping incident]. What are their responsibilities in regards to the filmed multiple sexual assaults?"

The right amount of club development

Erin plays Aussie Rules footy in the Victorian Central Murray region and asks “What level should our club play in education in members around topics like respectful behaviour, drug and alcohol, mental health, etc? What is an appropriate amount to be expected of members on an annual basis”

Supporting families through financial hardship

Maggie from Wodonga in Victoria and asks "We know that we have boys and girls that can't afford the gear. Is there something we can do at a club without the kids feeling embarrassed or ashamed?"

Finding a middle ground with mediation

Anonymous plays tennis in Victoria and asks "As a club we’ve had a member verbally abuse another member of the club, the victim would like the club to take this further, but the club currently has no process on how to deal with. This attack is out of character for the member and thus the club would like to punish them without having to expel the member. Do you have any advice on the best way forward for the club?"

Challenging homophobia at your club

Steve from Keilor East plays Aussie Rules football and asks "We've had a problem with homophobia in our club. The club has never had a player that has come out so they don't see it as important enough to address. How can we address this in ways that doesn't piss people off?"