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“How has your club culture been impacted by COVID?” – Pakenham Eels Rugby League Club

We have tried to keep our members engaged on digital platforms, but given the strong community aspect of our club and its members, this has been a very difficult thing to maintain.

“How has your club culture been impacted by COVID?” – Riddells Creek Tennis Club

People have stayed hopeful and connected and have continued to contribute to the committee and do non-tennis playing tasks that keep the club operating, even though there has been little to no actual tennis played.

How activism in sport can lead to a stronger team

This year, sport and activism have been brought together on a scale that is unlike anything many of us have ever seen before. But what can we learn from this moment when it comes to our community clubs? Actually, quite a lot.

Be a leader, not just a coach: How can coaches stay motivated?

First the bushfires, then the ongoing global pandemic and resulting stringent lockdowns – 2020 has not been ‘the year’ for Victorian sport and sport coaches. Sports club communities have been affected emotionally and economically.

Online practice sessions: How do we overcome the language barrier?

Kristy from an Athletics club in Melbourne asks "Our training sessions are mainly online now. One thing we have noticed is that the video calls make it hard for those athletes where English isn't their best language. What can we do to get their attention and provide additional support?"

Working shoulder to shoulder at the Storm

18 September 2020: Brian Phelan (BP) and Peter Robinson (Robbo) started working together at Melbourne Storm just over thirteen years ago. Melbourne Storm was in the process of setting up a player wellbeing program and figured the pair were just the right fit.

How do we motivate players through COVID uncertainty?

Anon from the Sydney suburb of Randwick plays football and asks "The club is finding it difficult to engage with players during COVID, many who have come back to playing recently. Even our really gifted players (Juniors U18s) don't seem as interested in skills development and training. How can we help them through this period of uncertainty?"

Out of bounds: locker room antics or harassment?

Carolyn asks “I think the Richmond Tigers have proven that their workplace is unsafe [referring to a recent locker room groping incident]. What are their responsibilities in regards to the filmed multiple sexual assaults?"

The right amount of club development

Erin plays Aussie Rules footy in the Victorian Central Murray region and asks “What level should our club play in education in members around topics like respectful behaviour, drug and alcohol, mental health, etc? What is an appropriate amount to be expected of members on an annual basis”

Supporting families through financial hardship

Maggie from Wodonga in Victoria and asks "We know that we have boys and girls that can't afford the gear. Is there something we can do at a club without the kids feeling embarrassed or ashamed?"