B.A.S.I.C Guide | Club Respect B.A.S.I.C Guide | Club Respect

When someone comes to you with a personal issue, listen to them. Really listen. That they have approached you is a sign that they value and trust you, so you want to do the best you can to help them.

Club Respect has developed B.A.S.I.C, a process guide for you to follow to support a person in the club who approaches you to discuss a health and well-being issue.

  • B. Believe
    • Always believe what the person has explained to you.
    • They have trusted you and you should take their word for what has happened.
    • Better to find out later that they might have made up the story for some reason than to find out later what you disbelieved was actually true.
  • A. Active listening
    • Listen carefully.
    • Wait to hear their whole story before you say your piece.
    • Many people feel a degree of relief from their pain when someone just takes the time to really listen to them.
  • S. Safety
    • The person’s physical and emotional safety is your priority.
    • If you think they are at risk then you must support them to access appropriate support.
  • I. Inform
    • Tell the person what their options are.
    • Help them to access external support if required.
  • C. Confidentiality
    • Keep the information confidential.
    • This person has trusted you so you must keep that trust

    There is one vital aspect that must be considered here however. If the person is a child and you believe they are in danger then you must let them know that you have to report. Each State and Territory has its own Child Safety Laws. Go to Play by the Rules for further information.