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Our Mission:

The Eastern Raptors Rugby League Club strives to be a strong, sustainable and community focused club for all members of the eastern suburbs community to participate, learn and have fun playing rugby league in a positive and safe environment.

Our Values:

The Eastern Raptors Rugby League Club is developing a strong club culture that underpins our actions and the way in which our Club is run. The Clubs key values are:

      • Respect: Have respect for yourself and your ability, your teammates and peers, your coaches and volunteers and your opposition. Without respect there is no value.
      • Teamwork: By working together and respecting each other we make big jobs small and can achieve anything we set our minds to.
      • Sportsmanship: Decisions don’t always go our way. Accept and respect the referee’s decision. Be the leader and focus on the big picture and not the detail. We all make mistakes. The mature person learns and moves on.
      • Honesty: Be honest to yourself and to others. Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.
      • Family: We are all different families with different experiences. Value each person’s contribution as if they were part of your family.
      • Fun: Enjoy what you do, celebrate your wins and the achievements of others.