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Our Mission:

To be the greatest team of all: a club people can be proud of because of how we play the game, live our lives, conduct business and engage with the community.

Our Values:

      • Respectful:  All people are treated with respect regardless of their background or position.
      • Precision: We seek excellence in everything that we do and always look for ways to improve.
      • Adventurous: We enjoy facing our industry’s challenges and embrace progress with open arms.
      • Conviction: Everyone involved with the Club is fully committed and gives 100% effort.
      • United: We are selfless, we support and care for each other and we collaborate across our Club.
      • Commercial & Considered: We drive for good commercial outcomes but always take the needs of our stakeholders into account.
      • Integrity: We uphold high standards of behaviour, have deep respect for honesty and always work within the rules.