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Our club culture revolves around our motto, something called Mou Dak, our etiquette, and good leadership.

The motto is: Respect Your Elders, Respect Your Teachers, Respect Their Teachings. Learn to be Kind, Honest Generous, Learn Your Kung Fu.

Mou Dak means Martial Morality. It has two aspects, Morality of Deed and Morality of Mind:

  • The Morality of Deed means Respect, Humility, Righteousness, Trust, Loyalty.
  • The Morality of Mind means Will Power, Endurance, Perseverance, Patience, Courage.

When we combine this with the traditional etiquette of our Kung Fu system the result is a club full of members that develop a strong bond as training partners and martial family members. We genuinely care about each other and will often have members engaging with each other 15-20 minutes after a class has finished.

We encourage authentic and transformational leadership to support our members in their journey to achieve their goals.

Sifu Marc Webster, 6th Degree Master of Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Kung Fu
FitLife Martial Arts
24 November 2020