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Tips to progress your sport club while in isolation

19 May 2020

It is an unsettling time for sport clubs as we start to reimagine how our players will train and if they will play any competitive matches in 2020. It’s also the perfect time to think about how our clubs might look when we start back up again. There will be a slow and gradual re-entry and clubs will need to be adaptive in how they get players playing again. Everyone in the club (from players, coaches and committees) has a role to play in making the transition as smooth as possible. The Club Respect website can tool-up sports clubs’ and help in the journey of developing a deep culture of respect.

What does your club stand for?

Club values will be put to the test as club people emerge from isolation. The COVID crisis will have had a significant impact on all club people. Anticipating this, clubs need to engage everyone to be involved in the journey to re-establish and affirm club values; from the canteen volunteers to the president. Proud club values from only a few months ago will be questioned. Along with the club mission statement, you will need to question if the existing club values still reflect what the club stands for. Now is a good time to meet with the committee to discuss how your club can prepare for change. Check out the page on how to plan for respect for more tips.

The well-being of club people needs to be at the forefront of any discussion of values and the culture of the club. Isolation has already had a significant impact on everyone in society. Many will have positive anecdotes, while for many the pressures of job losses, homeschooling, absence from friends and family will take a toll. Equipping your people with the confidence and resources to reach out and support one another in the club, is equipping them to do the same outside of it, too. It’s incredibly important to invest in your people for the wellbeing of not just individuals, but also for the club itself.

Does everyone in your club live by a common standard?

A ‘win-only’ measure of success is a narrow lens through which to measure all the amazing things your club can achieve. Empowering people in your club and creating an inclusive environment is critical. Setting the standard is what sets your club apart from the rest.

How does your club deal with tricky situations?

Despite your best efforts, issues will surface. But how has your club dealt with issues in the past? Are responses reactionary, inconsistent and unplanned? Or does it have clear processes that reflect the club’s mission, values and Code of Conduct? Understanding and tackling common issues helps everyone in the club grow together.

Club Respect’s Panel of Expertise answers direct questions from sports clubs with free, qualified and highly skilled advice. A panel of sport club specialists helping Club Respect have been assembled for their experience and understanding of the issues within sports clubs. Due to be released in mid-2020 – watch this space!

A winning culture

Returning from isolation will present significant challenges for all sport clubs. As clubpeople return, now’s a great reminder that a winning culture on-the-field starts by getting it right off-the-field. Attitudes, behaviour and language modelled in clubs ripple out to the rest of society. Bringing everyone in the club into the rebuilding phase will get your club off to a positive re-start in being a club of safety, fairness and respect.

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